Sunwillow Galong – 1999

SUPREME CHAMPION, WPCS Bronze and Silver Medal Winner

The Royal of England, National Welsh Championship, Whiteside and Knowles to name but a few.

Pendock Legend
Knodishall Gwillym
Knodishall Wonder
Sunwillow Galong
Revel Classic
Sunwillow Yoo Hoo
Sunwillow Luzzana

Sunwillow Walter – 2015

WPCS Bronze  Medal Winner

Pendock Legend
Delami Darth Vader
Idyllic Pebbles
Sunwillow Walter
Randan Walter
Sunwillow Dido
Sunwillow Luzzana

Popsters Olympic Star – 2016

Supreme Champion & Bronze Medal Winner

Llanweneth Flasjack
Caebryn Endeavour
Parvadean Denise
Popsters Olympic Star
Parvadean The General
Parvadean Red Dahlia
Parvadean Dalia

Brynrodyn Dante – 2016

Tarfarnaubach Sion
Cwmhendy Buster
Pontgam Bianca
Brynrodyn Dante
Skellorn Daylight
Crumpwell Serena
Eugrad Sws

Delami Artois – 2017

Sunwillow Galong
Delami Bohemian
Brynrodyn Blodwen
Delami Artois
Delami Destiny
Delami Arabella
Idyllic Tosca